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If you are looking for Idaho Mountain Real Estate you have come to the right place. I specialize in recreational and Idaho mountain properties I know the Idaho City and Boise County area like few others and can help you find the perfect property for you and your family.

You can use my Home Search to view all listed properties in the Intermountain region. If you would like to have all new listing that meet your preset criteria daily just sign into the Dream Home program or my automated home search. When you look under Tour Virtually you will find listed properties and tours of Treasure Valley area subdivisions. I hope you find my website helpful in your search for that perfect property and please do not hesitate to call or email if you have questions.

Idaho Real Estate Buyers Market

As we begin the New Year 2010, we find ourselves in a fantastic Idaho real estate buyer's market! Since late 2006, the real estate market in the southern Idaho has been experiencing a downturn due to external economic forces and the negative effects of an unchecked 5 year real estate boom. Now, 2010 has positioned the Idaho real estate market to be very favorable to the home buyer. If you have been giving any consideration to buying a home here in Idaho, now could be the time to do it.

The last and maybe reasons we find ourselves in such a terrific buyer's market is because mortgage interest rates have been significantly reduced in an effort to stimulate the Idaho real estate market. In addition, lenders are offering incentives like greatly reduced closing costs to bring new home buyers to their doors.

Given these factors you can see why the current Idaho real estate market has turned out to greatly favor the home buyer. Now is the time to buy your new home if you have been giving it any consideration, and if you are not ready to buy your new home now, it is time to take those first steps necessary to get prepared. This buyer's market will persist in many areas for years to come, but in certain areas like Southern Idaho it will begin to turn around quite possibly this year. Do not miss an opportunity of a lifetime to purchase your Idaho dream home with great terms and at great low home mortgage rates!
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Many people have been thinking about relocating over the long Winter, whether it’s buying a new home in Idaho or selling their current home, it seems like Spring is the time when things really “start to happen”…buy why wait? Why not get the jump on things NOW? Well, there’s a lot going on during Spring! You’re barely caught up from the new year, taxes, and then Spring Break! Next thing you know it’s mid-July and you’re wondering if you’re ever going to move. If you’re on the fence about things we’ve put together some good reasons why you might not